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Following a sustainability audit, five star Jumeirah Emirates Towers, one of many luxury Dubai hotels gracing the emirate’s popular Jumeirah district, joined the list of over 800 Green Globe Certified businesses around the world making it the first of the Jumeirah Hotels and Resorts Group to be accredited with such a recognition. As part of its own Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme the Jumeirah Emirates Towers has been making consistent efforts to develop its eco-friendly policies and as a result the hotel was able to achieve an impressive score of 85 per cent compliance against the Green Glove Standard for Sustainable Travel & Tourism.

Some of the notable green initiatives employed by the Jumeirah Emirates Tower include energy saving, water management as well as automated systems with the capability of monitoring and controlling the usage of air conditioning and other electrical devices as the hotel guests come and go out of their rooms.

Unlike many other hotels in Dubai, the Jumeirah Emirates Towers sustainability measures are not limited to those on their luxury Dubai holidays but also extend to guests on business trips with their Daily Environmental Package specifically designed for business meetings held in the hotels conference rooms. Under

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A lot of travellers are searching for the total price tag for their holiday. Everybody knows that all of the daily costs while on holiday nearly always finish up adding up to over you had figured out during your planning stages. Vegas hostels aren’t the least expensive in the U.S, and if you add the sum of money one frequently spends on betting while there and the cost of food everyday you have just got yourself quite a pricey holiday. The pull of the comprehensive vacation is that you know precisely what the final cost will be prior to beginning the particular vacation. The total cost of a comprehensive holiday appears stumbling initially. But if you compare with a holiday taken “la carte,” when you add up all the individual costs, it is mostly the case that travelers finish up spending more when they take these holidays rather than selecting a comprehensive resort. The pull of this more recent sort of holiday hasn’t escaped the best Vegas hostels, and plenty of casino resorts currently offer holiday packages that include lodging costs, the expenses of meals that are eaten in the resort complicated, and, in a few cases, betting activities. Naturally,

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Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka, is emerging as a top global tourist destination. It is a great sunny and seaside destination in the island-country and makes for a really memorable trip. Staying in a Colombo hostel is another rich experience. Most of the city hostels are truly grand and remarkable. They come with all sorts of facilities and luxurious amenities to give you a rejuvenating stay. You can get all sorts of hostels depending on your requirement. There are the budgeted hostels as well as the expensive ones and it is very easy to book one in advance.

Another truly amazing experience is to check into a Colombo beach hostel. A beach hostel is definitely a place which can put up your accommodation close to the nature. The beaches of Sri Lanka are exuberant and exotic. Their pristine beauty can definitely leave an indelible mark on your mind. At these beach hostels, you can easily get a sea-facing room. Leaning by the window-sill against the backdrop of the Indian Ocean and gazing at the sun-kissed sky can be an unforgettable feeling. What more can a nature-lover ask for?

Colombo is a place of myriad activities. The local culture

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In short, there really is no official answer to the question of this post, -which is the best London youth hostel’, essentially because of the sheer volume of great youth and other hostels in London, a bustling, cosmopolitan and ever evolving city. There are so many great different types of hostels in the British capital, all of them catering to a great deal of different markets, clients and styles. So, what specific things should you try to identify from a youth hostel before you make that booking? What important characteristics should you look for, and where exactly should you look for them? Here, let me help you along the way and get you started on finding a great London youth hostel for your time in this great city of ours!

What does a good London youth hostel include?

There are a couple of central points that you need to consider when looking for accommodation in London, whatever type of trip you are organising. These include:

Location: the more central your hostel is the easier you will find your time in London, your transport costs will be lower and you can devote much more valuable time to

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The Hastens Luxury Bed is a sign of prestige and self-indulgence wherever it is found. Hastens Beds are the selected beds of the Swedish Royal Family, and are made in Sweden. Every luxury mattress is hand-sewn of all non-synthetic cotton, wool, flax, horsehair with boxes of naturally grown Swedish Pine.

Horsehair is felt to be the proprietary ingredient in the all natural mattress. The horse hair gives springiness, and is resistant to dust mites. Horsehair also carries away water vapor without synthetic fibers. There is no PU foam which exudes gases poisonous to many people. Every coil is made of Swedish steel, and is individually hand encased in a pocket. Coils are not connected, thus giving the most hold for each part of the body.

Hast is Swedish for horse, and the crest give witness to the manufacturer`s 1852 origins as a saddle making company. Saddles were cushioned with horse hair, and back then it was understood that horse hair stuffing made the best beds. Before long Hastens was manufacturing a some special order all natural mattresses. These standards are more valued in the present decade, and Hastens is the first mattress maker to receive the Swan Environmental Award.