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Are you interested in going for a trip? Is it the thought of budget and planning that makes you step backwards? If yes, here is a solution for you. All that you need to do is to seek the service of an experienced travel agency. Though there are numerous travel agencies available, every agency might not be providing the best service. So, you need to find the best agency to accomplish your trip successfully. Star Tour is among the most selected travel agencies. It is the clubbed flight and hotel package that makes Star Tour so reputed.

Flight and hotel are the two main factors of concern in any trip. You will have to spare a huge amount and time to book tickets and accommodation for your journey. Some people book these separately, whereas others book them together as a package. Star Tour provides you such efficient packages. They offer numerous such packages among which you need to choose one suitable for your budget and requirement. Taking the interest of people into consideration, Star Tour has packages ranging from low cost to a bit expensive ones. If you wish to learn more about the benefits of booking flight and hotel together, just continue reading along.

Save money

The airline partners and the hotel partners of Star Tour would be providing them special rates for using their services. As a result, the tour operator would be able to book tickets and rooms for you at low cost. When you book hotel and flight separately, you will not get such special rates. As a result, you will have to pay the whole amount which would eat up a huge part of your savings. So, in order to get the booking done at low cost within your budget, prefer to get it done through Star Tour.

Save time

Once you confirm your deal with the tour operator, everything would be done in no time. When you book flight and hotel on your own, you will have to spend your valuable time researching on the airline and hotel services. Later, you need to make comparison between the services and choose the best from them. This consumes a lot of your time. Even then, there will not be much difference in the expense. Yet, if you assign the task to Star Tour, you don’t need to waste your time as the tour operators would be working on everything on your behalf. Thus, you can save your time and use it in some other tasks.

Hassle free

Booking cheap flight and hotel (or in Danish they say billigt fly og hotel) for your trip is not that easy as it is to say. You need to work a lot to find available hotels and also the available dates for booking flight tickets. You will have to strain yourself a lot to find a hotel and flights based on your available dates. On the other hand, by assigning this task to Star Tour, you can sit back and relax and the task will be accomplished successfully for sure.

So, get flight and hotel booked through Star Tour to make your trip easy and fun filled. More about Star Tour you can find if you click here.

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Obtain the endless options to exhilarate your own feelings plus producing thoughts towards last a lifetime in Aloha Resort Koh Samui. This particular 3 star Koh Samui vacation resort is surrounded by this increasing mountains regarding Koh Samui area as well as the expansive red blue Thai beach, the first style of this specific accommodation captures in addition to delights the senses.

Enjoy the sunny elegance regarding Aloha Vacation resort Koh Samui : a happy Samui Hotel just steps through the Lamai beach. Aloha Holiday resort Koh Samui delivers seventy four elegantly assigned visitor hotel rooms, bungalows and suite. Indulge yourself in a very soothing entire body treatment or massage therapy.

A sample of the excursions we offer by Aloha Holiday resort

Koh Tao as well as Koh Nang Yuan Visit (snorkeling, windsurfing As well as sightseeing), Na Muang Rainforest Journey And Adventure Tour (Elephant Hiking, Monkey Show, Bird Show, Aquarium As well as Tiger Wildlife, ATV plus more… ), Mountain Safari Tour (Elephant Promenade, Waterfall, Jungle Walking, Buddha’s Magic Garden, Rubber tree Planting and more… )

Koh Samui is really a fairly huge isle found in often the Beach associated with Thailand, around eighty kilometres from the east coastline of Southern Siam, approximately 800 Kilometres to the south of Bangkok. This can be a cosmopolitan melting time getting visitors from around the world. The island contains a number of what you should see and carry out. Through the renowned mummified monks to be able to attractive waterfalls for the grandpa and grandma dirt and much more, nothing at all to prevent everyone enjoying themselves right now there.

Best attractions around Koh Samui:

1 . Large Buddha temple, massive Buddha seaside: Massive Buddha temple is found in typically the northern seacoast in the area. The top Buddha beach gets its name from your twelve m best Buddha sculptures which is often viewed via miles away length too. The best Buddha sits in the Mara pose, having its right side facing straight down with its fingers standing down the knee plus grazing the floor, and the left hand’s palm upwards resting upon it is lap. Surrounding wats or temples can be a place to varied different shrines with small , and opulent images about God Juggernaut. Lovers associated with Buddha come here every day to produce offerings involving blooms and fresh fruit, and light incense although travelers observe these elegant rituals transpiring at this point every single day.

2 . Angthong Ocean National Recreation area (Blue star kayaking): Blue stars within Samui are the leader within managing windsurfing travels towards the Angthong Underwater national area. The total day trip will give you an exclusive possiblity to experience the pure beauty in the estate simply by kayak plus takes you towards hidden lagoons, magnificent rock composition, remarkable shores, and even trick caverns.

3. Hin Ta and even Hin Yai, Lamai seaside: Hin Ta plus Hin Yai has its own renowned mountain composition that are positioned around the southern coast regarding Koh Samui. It is additionally known as Grandma and grandpa rocks, which usually correspondingly is similar to the female and even guy genitalia. There exists a folk traditions linked to the formation of those rocks. The view outside the window from your stones plus near by areas is magnificent and amazing, extending throughout the sea to the nearby of the islands. The beautiful shorelines near Hin Ta and even Hin Li are really clear and still have a colourful marine creatures that is definitely actually noticeable from the seacoast.

4. Em Muang waterfalls: The Na Muang waterfalls throughout Koh Samui would be the nearly all amazing styles and therefore are situated between Nathon plus Lamai beach front. It refers to the very huge pink stones that the falls. The road ultimately causing the falls are steep together with slippery, thus tourists having a sensible level of fitness can attain the site rather easily soon after wearing a few sturdy sneakers. Between your a couple of waterfalls, is situated the Na Muang Safari recreation area that includes monkey displays plus elefant rides that will children will enjoy one of the most.


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Hotels have played a key role in increasing a countrys tourism, particularly with the Resort types of hotels which can offer luxury facilities with full service accommodations and amenities that tourists can enjoy.

In the Philippines, a number of hotels and resort hotels had also gained a lot of popularity among tourists. And some of these are owned by the countrys largest and most successful real estate development corporation, Ayala Land Inc.

Ayala Land Inc.s Hotels and Resort Hotels
There are a number of popular resorts and hotels that Ayala Land Inc. had developed which had made significant improvement to Philippines tourism industry. Some of their most notable hotels and resort hotels are the InterContinental hotel in Manila, the Cebu Marriott, the Kukun Hotels, as well as the many resort hotels found in El Nido.

The InterContinental Hotel
According to Ayala Land Inc., the first luxury hotel that was established within the countrys premier business district is the InterContinental Hotel.

InterContinental Manila has become a symbol of pride and prestige in Makati City. Delivering the expertise of the worlds first international hotel brand to the country, InterContinental Manila harmoniously blends the companys global standards with a distinctive local flair.

The hotel was designed by National Artist Leandro Locsin, and is strategically located beside the districts best shopping and entertainment centers.

The Cebu Marriott
Cebu Marriott is considered as one of the best signature hotels found in Cebu. It offers the best and ideal location for business or leisure travel.

Centrally located in the citys premier business and cultural district, the luxury hotel sits right beside Ayala Center Cebu, widely regarded as the best shopping and entertainment enclave in the city.

Kukun Hotels
The Kukun group of hotel Philippines is operated by Ayala Land Hotels and Resorts Corp. Kukun vigorously pursues Ayala Lands best-in-class product and service standards with a new hospitality conceptthe urban lifestyle hotel.

El Nido Resort Hotels
There are three popular resort hotels found in El Nido that was established and developed by Ayala Land Inc. to complement the beauty of the province. These are the Minoloc, Lagen, and Apulit.

The Minoloc is located within a protected marine reserve. It is considered a sanctuary and hideaway for travelers looking for fun amidst a spectacular natural backdrop.

Lagen, on the other hand, is found in an island in El Nido which offers lush forests and calm, shallow lagoon. The resort offers a stunning view of Bacuit Bay and the El Nido sunset.

Apulit is found within a pristine cove blessed with a wide expanse of white-sand beach, the resorts dramatic location reveals 10 diving spots, a wealth of flora and wildlife, colorful tropical marine species, and stunning natural vistas.

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Santorini, the island with the gorgeous caldera and the most romantic sunset in the world What else would you ask for to set the perfect background for the most special moments of your life, your wedding ceremony?

Nowadays, many couples choose the wonderful island of Santorini Greece to practice their wedding. With view to the traditional villages, the sea and the famous volcano, right the time of the sunset, couples join their lives together, the way the bright setting sun joins the calm sea of the Aegean. People travel from all four corners of the universe to live this incredible moment that will stay in their minds for ever.

Most weddings on the island take place in the garden of a Santorini hotel. The ceremony is held by the major or the depute major of the island and usually the Santorini hotel takes care of all details. In most cases, the package of your Santorini hotel includes wedding flowers and wedding cake, flowers and recorded music for the ceremony, filling of the documents to obtain the Greek Marriage license application, various fees to the town hall and most of all, the wonderful setting of a garden or a pool side for your marriage. You only have to bring the wedding dress and the grooms costume. Leave all the rest frustrating details to your Santorini hotel!

If you want your wedding to be held at church, note that there are about 300 lovely Catholic and Greek Orthodox churches on the island that offer picturesque locales for this moment. Ask your Santorini hotel for more information and also for the papers and certifications that are necessary to perform your wedding on this gorgeous island. Apart from your Santorini hotel, certain travel agents can also help you organize this special moment as well as some wineries around the island offer their rooms for this event. Wedding with a taste of wine, produced by the volcanic soil of the island

Moreover, have in mind that Santorini is not only a popular marriage setting but also a unique honeymoon destination. Many couples prefer this island for their wedding, so that afterwards they can relax and enjoy their honeymoon days there. They also reserve a Honeymoon Suite in their Santorini hotel to live these days the most. Nothing in the world is more romantic than to live and celebrate your romance in Santorini.

Of course, apart from a traditional Santorini hotel, you will also find any other accommodation category. Your Santorini hotel for this summer could be a simple room to rent with view to the caldera or a beach, or even a luxurious village with all the modern comforts. After all, what counts most is the place.

Holidays on Santorini are certainly a special experience, as the island gives visitors everything they ask for: from beautiful beaches, picturesque villages and ancient sites, such as the Minoan town of Akrotiri, to comfortable tourist amenities. It is worth to mention that Santorini is always referred by international travel magazines as one of the most popular destinations in the world and is chosen by many couples for their wedding ceremony or their honeymoon, as it provides the perfect romantic landscape for such occasions. Note that usually a Santorini hotel keeps its best rooms for newly-weds.

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Most frequent travelers encounter the problem of unreliable hotel reviews. The same hotel described in fancy language manages to evoke a reaction to the other extreme when seen. Phuket is no different from any other holiday destination in this regard. Here are a few guidelines to identify fake Phuket hotel reviews.

It is not difficult to identify fake Phuket hotel reviews, if you know how to look for one. The method to be adopted is different for facilities and services. While facilities at Phuket hotels are aimed at catering to international guests, should confirm to world hotel standards. However, service is an altogether different matter, as it is viewed with diverse perspectives in East and West.

While looking for facilities, if a website offers reviews of various hotels with favorable review for only one, then the chances are high that it is a fake. Many websites do this to promote a particular hotel. One way to double-check the authenticity of the review is to try a few other websites for the same hotel. The chances of fake reviews appearing in an array of sites are very slim.

When it comes to service offered by a hotel, the expectation of tourists from various parts of the world are different. For a tourist from the West, where service can be generalized as unpleasant, Thais exemplary hospitality will be a welcome change. It is very common to find the US and UK guest reviews praising the Phuket hotel service sky-high. And, there is no reason to suspect them.

Even when paid peanuts for their service compared to western standards, those in the hotel service sector do their best to please visitors. And, to the amazement of guests, they even refuse tips for their excellent service. For travelers from the West, this is unimaginable.

Delve a bit deeper to identify the genuine ones among Phuket hotel reviews.

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Perth being a popular city in Australia there are many hotels to put up. The Melbourne Hotel is one of the very oldest hotels in Perth. It offers the best services to its guests and is also famous for its function room that is perfect for large events.

Perth is a wonderful city in Western Australia that holidaymakers love to visit. Though it is a metro city, its laid back, easy going life and natural beauty makes it a perfect holiday retreat. There is plethora of attractions for tourists within and in the outskirts of the city. Millions of travelers throng in here throughout the year to enjoy a relaxing holiday.

Apart from being a haven for tourists, Perth is also well known for its opportunities in trade and commerce. That is why business travelers are always visiting this laidback city for various corporate events. Thus Perth is crowded with people from all walks of life, all through the year.

For being such a happening city in the country, there are ample of options in accommodations in Perth. There are luxuries hotels to economical ones as per the tourists’ requirement as well as budget. Many hotels in the city offer great facilities to their guests not only in terms of room services but also help in arranging many events. One such very popular hotel in the city is The Melbourne Hotel that is located in the heart of the city. It is one of the oldest four star hotels in Perth that was established in the year 1897. Its Victorian dcor makes it extremely elegant and brings back the timeless classic look. It has gained great reputation for offering traditional services which are all tailored as per the requirements of the guests.

Though The Melbourne Hotel is a very popular among holidaymakers as they offer excellent services, it is also popular for arranging corporate events and weddings. They have the best function room in Perth known as the John De Baun Room, named after the entrepreneur who had established the hotel. The function room is well decorated will the classic style. It can accommodate 200 people for any corporate events and 120 guests for formal dinners or wedding receptions. Large events like business presentations, cocktail parties, weddings or other private parties are common affairs in The Melbourne.

Not only do the guests get various facilities during any events held in the hotels well decorated function room, but also excellent catering services to make the event a great success. For any event the catering service offers excellent contemporary Australian cuisines along with a fine selection of wines and other liquors. Moreover the catering service of the hotel also offers special dietary requirements for its guests.

Well maintained function room, excellent amenities, friendly service by the well trained staff and great food at The Melbourne Hotel will surely make any event be it corporate presentations or weddings a huge success.

John Warner is a travel writer who has written many articles on Hotels in Perth . He takes great interest in travel related topics and is constantly researching on the internet on different places. Readers love his articles as they are detailed as well as very fresh.

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Bhawna Hostel girls hostel with its fine ambience and lush green interiors boast one of the finest hostel in dehradun as well as nearby region. We aim to provide a high standard of hygiene and environment friendly living for the out stationed scholars pursuing educationin in Dehradun. Bhawna Hostel popular Girls hostel in dehradun . The Hostel Bhawna is a nice place to stay.Bhawna Hostel provides pollution free natural environment in the green terrain of Himalaya and gives a peace and serenity soothes and convinces that make your stay memorable. The environment of its makes you feel as a motherly love, care warmth & attention to most of your basic needs which will enable you to devote maximum time for your prestigious career.

The hostel provides comfortable A/C & Non- AC accommodation for 600 girls with separate provisions for both under graduate and post graduate students. It is managed by competent and qualified staff, whose endeavor is to make students lead a simple life with high moral values. The homespun environment in the hostel helps in inculcating the spirit of great achievements among the students. Hostel Bhawna has 74 Double AC Rooms and 2 AC Suites to choose from. All are suitably furnished, well decorated and have ample spaces. Bhawna Hostel is nice Best Dehradun Hostel For Girls in Dehradun.

Bhawna hostel has two conference rooms which can accommodate small seminars and meetings. Basic facilities are provided in the conference hall such as markers, projectors, flip boards and microphone.Good care of the hosteller is taken in every sphere, laying emphasis on the all round personality development. The inmates of the hostel live together as a family and all the festivals are celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm. Every hosteller is provided with a cot, a table and a chair with other fittings. To ensure constructive productivity and to promote team work, cultural and academic events are organized in the hostel quadrangle along with music, theater and fine arts, where a hosteller can actively participate as per her interest. Bhawna hostel is best Hostel In Dehradun .

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One of the reasons boutique hotels are so popular is because they directly oppose the accepted hotel normality of hundreds of rooms and bland service. Their refusal to treat guests as anything other than honoured visitors means that they spend time, money and energy developing a hotel where you feel comfortable and at home. This can only really be achieved with low room numbers.

Hotels in this sector have discovered that travellers are willing to pay for accommodation that is different in design and where even full occupancy means they’re not queuing for breakfast or waiting for room service to answer the phones. Instead, fewer rooms means more space and better service, and an increasing number of travellers are taking this option.


Space is important to travellers, particularly those for whom the hotel is an integral part of the experience. Whilst other holiday makers or business travellers simply use a hotel as a base for sleeping and eating, boutique hotel guests want to feel that they can spend the morning drinking coffee and reading in the public areas without feeling like a nuisance, or relax by the pool without worrying about fighting for poolside space with other guests. By taking a definite decision to reduce the number of bedrooms so that each room has more space and by fashioning public areas that guests actually want to use, boutique hotels create a unique atmosphere that appeals to guests.


Boutique hotels are often based in older, traditional buildings where creating larger guest rooms means considerable changes to the internal design of the building. Sympathetic architectural changes can be achieved with careful planning and this allows hotel owners and their designers to maintain and incorporate original features into a more modern, spacious room design. From keeping original windows to fitting the most modern of bathrooms, clever design allows these hotels to provide fewer rooms, whilst at the same time preserving the essential features of the building.


The smaller the number of guests, the better the service can be. This is a concept that’s fully understood by the boutique industry and it strives to ensure that standards of service are exceptional. Any contact that the guest has with a member of staff should be a positive one and, in many cases, members of staff are trained to anticipate guests’ needs, ensuring that they are comfortable asking for anything, including help with activities outside the hotel as well as the facilities within it.

Lowering the number of rooms in a hotel, combined with good design, quality fittings and excellent service all combines to make a hotel unique and that’s what today’s travellers want.

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Women wanting to go another city for any particular purpose like further studies or job etc would first like to find a place for stay and Women’s hostel could be a great option to consider. Women’s hostel has most basic advantage of being among females and thus having liberty of being yourself in many terms as which would not be possible with a person of other sex. Being among females can make one much comfortable and even be helpful in understanding each others need.

555 rentcan be the best place to look around for women’s hostels in different locations also considering the availability of various specific features if desired by one. 555 rentcan provide you with a great collection of womens hostel to search from and help you to narrow down to the ones matching your requirements.

Although many hostels are well suited for women, but usually the ones with maximum facilities are preferred, if budget is not a concern. Such hostels will have the good food provided, a laundry service, would be in a good locality, would have optimum security facilities, easy availability of services around the hostel, 24hrs reception counter, lounge with television and Internet service, co-operative staff who can make a big difference in the living experience at the hostel etc. 555 rentcan help you to shortlist hostels on the basis of many criteria’s expected by you. It can be a daunting experience if one is not able to find the required or expected comfort in a hostel selected and that usually can happen when one is not aware much of the hostel being selected. 555 rentcan come to your aid in such situations.

Usually rooms are shared by two or more women with a common bathroom. Cleaning of the room and laundry facilities are provided by the hostels. Usually information of such hostels is easy to find on the Internet and 555 rentcan provide you a one stop solution to your need to get a comfortable womens hostel to stay in. The more features you expect the more expensive it becomes. Usually an advance deposit needs to be paid to get one such accommodation. One is able to find lesser number of ads on hostels than one would be able to find for selling and buying of real estate. Such hostels can be found in vicinity of industrial and commercial hubs too as to provide easy accommodation to the womens working in such industries. One can get an option of changing the rooms too if available. This can happen if you are not able to go well with your roommate and thus rather carry out a bad day it would be preferred to change the room with an anticipation of getting a better roommate.

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The Jumeirah Group is offering a fantastic experience for tourists staying at the Dubai Beach Hotel this spring with the launche of pearl scuba diving excursions off the coast of Jebel Ali.

Some of the worlds best pearls have been found in the waters of the Arabian Gulf over past centuries and from 2nd March, 2012, guests enjoying scuba diving holidays in Dubai at the Jumeirah property will be able to learn about the ancient tradition of pearling.

Holidaymakers will meet at Jumeirah Beach Hotel and they will be transported by bus to Palm Jebel Ali. They will then dress into traditional clothing and board traditional dhow boats where they will be taken to the shallow waters of the Gulf to collect oysters using traditional pearl diving methods.

There will be plenty of activities aboard the boat such as story-telling and singing, and passengers will be served a fish and rice dish for lunch. The experience enables the visitors to dive three to five metres beneath the surface of the ocean and if they find any pearls, they can keep them as a souvenir from their scuba diving holidays in Dubai.

The pearl diving excursions are being operated in partnership with the Emirates Marine Environmental Group (EMEG) every week from Tuesday to Saturday and they enable foreign tourists to understand more about the traditional pearl diving industry during Dubai holidays.

The Jumeirah Beach hotel is one of the Jumeirah Groups most luxurious Dubai hotels with 598 elegant rooms and suites and 19 beachfront villas.

Guests can take advantage of facilities and activities including 20 gourmet restaurants and stylish bars that offer a wide selection of international cuisine and premium drinks; sailing trips and snorkelling and scuba diving adventures at the Pavilion Marina & Sports Club; complimentary access to the Wild Wadi Water Park; and the activities at Sinbads Kids Club will help make Dubai holidays even more fun for children of all ages.

Shaped like a breaking wave with its arc of shimmering glass, the Jumeirah Beach Hotel is located in the citys renowned Jumeirah beach area, just 15 kilometres from the city centre.

The hotel is set upon 36,300 square-metre of pristine private beach and there is a purpose-built coral reef located two kilometre off-shore where scuba diving and snorkelling enthusiasts can explore the waters of the Arabia Gulf throughout their holiday time ath the hotel.

The Jumeirah Group provides luxury holidays for tourists and scuba diving gurus with its collection of hotels and resorts across Abu Dhabi, Dubai, the Maldives, Frankfurt, London, Mallorca, New York, Rome, and Shanghai.