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Many people think going on holiday in the Maldives is only for the wealthy, but in fact, there are many excellent places to stay for us budget travelers. The Maldives’ island chain is located about 700 kilometers south-west of Sri Lanka and is comprised of 90,000 square kilometers with 1,192 coral islets, and it is among the most diverse and sparsely populated regions on earth.

Because of the fact that it is surrounded by pure white beaches and azure sea; no matter which way you turn, the scenic beauty is abundant in every direction. Add to this the fact, that the Maldives is a tropical nation with temperatures ranging between 24 C and 33 C, all year round. Now add to this the fact that you can also find excellent budget-priced accommodation, which makes the Maldives the best choice for your holiday destination.

Where you stay in this magnificent island chain is completely dependent upon your personal interests; but, either way, there are literally hundreds of high quality resorts and hotels within everyone’s price-range. If city life is your thing, there are a great many economy hotels in Mal, all conveniently located near the National Museum, Theaters, Bazaars, parks and the like.

Why not try the Holiday Inn Inn Kandooma Fushi in Mal, and go diving in the nearby Indian Ocean? Total price is only ca. $227.00 per night.

For those wanting to get away from it all, the Velidhu Island Resort on the northern Ari Atoll offers air-conditioned rooms, beach front and over-water bungalows, and can be had starting at only $192.00 per night.

Another great option for budget visitors is Hostels with prices sure to please. The Cokes Surf Camp located on the North Mal atoll on Thuludhoo Island includes breakfast and linen for the low price of $85.00; it’s equipped with air-conditioning, TV and fan.

For something totally different, why not check in at the Floating Hostel Princess Aifa, also located on Thuludhoo Island which is right near the main hub of the surfing action. This hostel features air-conditioning, internet, guest kitchen, restaurant and bar.

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For those who are traveling through Sofia and looking for a nice, affordable place to stay, consider the Levitt Youth Hostel. This wonderful facility offers many amenities that young people will not find elsewhere. And, best of all, the rates are very affordable, which is an important consideration for those who are on a tight budget.

When you stay at the Levitt Youth Hostel, you get a full range of benefits, and these are the kinds of benefits that young people are actually looking for. For instance, at the Levitt Youth Hostel, guests have access to free hi-speed internet and Wi-Fi. There are free lockers available. There is no curfew on guests. The Levitt Youth Hostel offers ironed linens at no additional charge as well as free maps, information and guides for those who want to explore the exciting city of Sofia. But, there is more. Much more!

Those staying at the Levitt Youth Hostel also have free access to hair dryers and irons as well as free towels and safe luggage storage. The Levitt Youth Hostel is heated during the winter months and offers a very affordable laundry service for those who want it. In the private rooms, guests can enjoy more than 80 channels and the facility is open around the clock to allow guests to come and go as they please. The Levitt Youth Hostel can even pick up guests from the airport.

It is no secret that the Levitt Youth Hostel has one of the very best locations in the entire city of Sofia. The facility is located right in the center of the main shopping, historical and business section of the city. It is right on the famous Vitosha Boulevard, making it easy for guests to find what they are looking for in this world-renown city.

Guests at the Levitt Youth Hostel will also enjoy the fact that the personnel at the hostel speak a variety of languages including English Russian, Hebrew, Italian, German, Bulgarian, Swedish, Norwegian, and Spanish. This makes it very easy for guests to get the information that they need.

The Levitt Youth Hostel also offers its guests exquisite decor, with 12 very stylish guest rooms as well as suites. They also provide kosher food for breakfast for those who prefer kosher. The facility has non-smoking rooms and guests can request services such as wake-up calls. As you can see, the Levitt Youth Hostel is not your ordinary youth hostel.

One of the main reasons so many young people come to Sofia is to see the many sights and attractions that the city has to offer visitors. The Levitt Youth Hostel is well situated for that! Guest are close to the world famous Opera House. They are within walking distance of the National Theater as well as the very interesting Archaeological Museum. Guests can also enjoy visiting the Sredets Fortress which is only 120 meters away. Or they may wish to visit the venerable Russian Church, only 300 meters away. Students will be thrilled to know that the Levitt Youth Hostel is just 370 meters from Sofia University and less than 100 meters from the exciting National Palace of Culture.

To learn more about the Levitt Youth Hostel simply visit their website. Complete information is available.

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A wedding with wedding destination theme has been gaining popularity these days. Couples are choosing a wedding venue far from home. Invited guests are mostly close friends and families who would take the trouble to do a long drive or fly to the wedding venue just to attend the wedding celebration.

Wedding venues for wedding destination are usually being held on a beach, a botanical garden, or scenic spots. These places are offered to public for a fee to use the place for wedding ceremony or wedding reception. But most of these wedding destination venues do not offer a place where the bride, groom, the wedding party and wedding guests may stay before the wedding day. This is the reason why nearby hotels are fully booked even a week before the wedding.

The bride, groom, the rest of the wedding party and the wedding guests are expected to behave and follow wedding etiquette on use of hotel rooms. Yes, wedding etiquette must be observed when using hotel rooms.

For one thing, if you are a bride or a groom and you violated wedding etiquette on proper use of hotel rooms, you will create bad impression on your family name even before the two of you gets married. Or if you are a member of the wedding party or you are a wedding guest and you violated a wedding etiquette on proper use of hotel rooms, you are giving the newly weds a bad name when you should have been helping them create a good name by themselves.

Below are some basic wedding etiquette on proper use of hotel rooms when you have or attending a wedding with wedding destination theme:

— Wedding etiquette on Proper use of Hotel Rooms Before the Wedding Day

1. The very basic wedding etiquette on proper use of hotel rooms is that the bride and the groom should not share the same suite. Yes, people know that you love each other very much (that is why you are getting married, right?), but please, please save your energy for your wedding day, would you? You can do whatever you want after the wedding day and you have all the time in the world to spend days and nights in each other’s arms.

Besides, there is this old tradition that the bride and the groom should not see each other the night before the wedding day or that the groom should not see the bride in her wedding dress because the wedding will be called of.

If you are sharing the same suite, of course the groom would see the bride not just in her wedding dress but as she wears it. So, for just once, follow the old saying even if it is just a superstition just to avoid seeing raised eyebrows from your family and wedding guests. You might even bring your parents or old relatives to a heart attack if you break this old tradition.

Another wedding etiquette in hotel is that brides should refrain from being a bridezilla to the roomboys, chambermaids, and other hotel personnel. Although it is true that the hotel have got fully booked because of your wedding, you should also remember that you don’t employ them, much more own them.

You should not ask them to run errands that are not related to their work anymore or shout at them when they can’t give you your demands as fast as you want them to be. Stop acting like as though you were the most precious person around because you are getting married in a few hours. Act like a blushing bride with right wedding etiquette and not the other way around.

— Wedding etiquette on Proper use of Hotel Rooms After the Wedding Day

2. Refrain from getting yourself some hotel souvenirs. If you are a bride, don’t mar your newly acquired surname by stealing items that you can easily buy from a department store.

If you are a guest, please restrain your hands from stealing ash trays, towels or comforters as a memento or souvenir. They are not wedding keepsakes from the bride and the groom. Do not worry, the newlyweds have something special for you.

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Holidays are an evertime jolly occasion which should be spent with gaiety and laughter without giving room for serious thinking and matters of worry. A good stay with a planned tour makes your holidays ever memorable with cherishable moments and never ending fun. Online Hotel Booking India makes most of your work easy with its sites full of information about your stay, expenses and other relevant details.

Booking a hotel in India online

Online booking with Indian Hotels is an easy matter with services of the internet and computer. You have to search out the places where you could find a decent stay with your family or friends on vacation. The sites provide the cost, packages and rates with discount (if available) enable you to choose the one you like and that which suits your pocket as well. Many luxury resorts are there in tourist destinations which would be the ideal places for your honeymoon trips, family entertainments and get- together with friends. They would make the most of the occasion with their all inclusive amenities and top grade services to make you enjoy to the brim with evergreen remembrances of the same.

Hotels in India are of various categories to suit your expenditure levels. Posh ones with all specific features like gym, holistic spa, swimming pool and meditation facilities are the favorite throng of foreigners who come to India to seek peace and relaxation for their health issues. Such resorts, situated on the beach sides or coastal areas are famous for their green backdrop and serene ambience. They keep your heart and soul in poise and rejuvenate your spirits with good activities like yoga, health therapies and massage specialties. There are some that provide entertainment programs to enthuse the youngsters.

On the other hand, you have Budget Hotels in India which come close to your heart with their economy packages and extended services. You feel satisfied for what you pay and they are also equally good with all necessary facilities expected of a good stay in a decent place. You feel happy that you can be away from your routine for a few days with your family or friends and get relaxed to come back to your chores-that too within your budget. These places are getting famous for the less expenses they bring forth with a basket of benefits within that money. A shrewd planner would take into consideration all the reviews and feedback given by other customers to book a stay in a good hotel. You get satisfied and feel secure with your payments online and with the foolproof systems these sites maintain with their dedication and commitment.

There is a time for everything-for your holidaying too with good stays in comfortable places of your choice. Life is to enjoy, after all!

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Wondering why you should choose a hostel? Hostel is a sociable hotel providing accommodation for travelers. Guests stay in shared or private rooms, and share a bathroom, common room and kitchen. Originally hostels are cheaper compared with hotels.

We want to introduce you Rafael Hostel in Armenia – a cozy, clean and well-furnished Hostel located in the center of Yerevan. The main sights of Yerevan city are in walking distance from the hostel. It is close to metro, bus and microbus stations.

Here you will get cheap and nice accommodation in a friendly atmosphere. Our Guest House is clean and offers all necessary facilities. The rooms are light, spacious and have comfortable beds. Rafael Hostel has a double room, 4 bed room, 6 bed room and 8 bed room and 2 bathrooms. There is a nice lounge with a fireplace, where you can relax. Our guests can also use the big and nicely furnished kitchen.

We provide free access to Wi-Fi Internet, coffee and tea, satellite TV, bed and bath accessories, transportation from/to airport. High quality service and comfort will make you enjoy your stay in Rafael Hostel in Yerevan.

For more information visit

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When we arrived in Peniscola as naturists, we were nude in the summer months, and we decided that as we had spare rooms, it would make sense to offer accommodation to other naturists as we were 1 minute from the sea, with large terraces, great sea views and total private, so as we were nude, others could be naked too, and enjoy the sun, sea, and freedom.

So we thought that people exploring Spain who were naturists, (who might have decided to take a non naturist holiday) would be surprised to find a place where they could explore and yet be naked in the sun. The best of both worlds.

We are now HONHOLIDAYS , and you can find us on or on (in Spanish, Dutch, English).
Guests can be naked 24/7, with each room having a terrace (and we mean terrace, not the tea trays hotels get away with), tv/dvd, tea/coffee making facilites, private bathroom, and use of our large (70 sq m) roof top terrace with solariium, sunbeds, honesty bar, and nude dining area with spectacular sea views and views of the surrounding mountains.

We have the sea and nude beaches on our left, and to the right, the last undevelopped Spanish national park, the Tierra D’irta, ideal for naturist hikers, with beautiful walks that bring you to the coast, or give fantastic vistas of Peniscola.

Unlike some naturist places that are villas in the middle of nowhere, so its ok to sunbathe nude in the day, but nothing to do at night, we are 5 minutes from the lively resort of Peniscola, so lots of bars, cafes, restaurants, and eveb night clubs. So a lot to see in summer, as there are local Fiestas, the International Jazz Festival, the Moors & Christian parades, and Firework displays.

We charge normal Bed & Breakfast rates, unlike some that charge a fortune just to be nude, and we are an ideal over night stop if you are travelling down the coast to Vera Playa, or the Costa Del Sol.

We welcome Singles who might be new to naturism, and wish to try it for the first time, as well as experienced Naturists holidaying in Spain.

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Regal Plaza Hotel Dubai is a single hotel wherever friends can have the very best and great expertise and hospitability that is certainly over reproach. It’s a enterprise category resort that delivers guests the consolation they are able to delight in even though also receiving this inside a most luxurious way. Tourists and website visitors in Dubai can have probably the most in positive aspects and benefits they’ll love after they continue to be in Regal Plaza Dubai not merely with its excellent site, which is inside cardiovascular of Dubai, but also in other luxurious amenities they can get. It is a single lodge greatest for not just the organization travelers but likewise to those people in leisure trips.

The Regal Plaza Hotel Dubai is only a 10 minute stroll or taxi generate from looking districts and malls from the center with the city. The economic district can also be nearby, providing the benefits of numerous company travelers. The World Trade Center and International Conference and Exhibition Centre are just couple of mins drive aside. Transportation is just not a hassle in the hotel to any site from the city because in the availability of many taxis, buses, and car or truck for hires. It is also only a shorter drive absent from your airport, producing it an excellent hotel to remain for visitors and tourists visiting this gorgeous city.

The services and amenities in Regal Plaza Hotel Dubai are world category, providing guests the consolation and convenience and also the ultimate and utmost in terms of satisfaction. Just about every home has huge windows, providing friends a superb view of this attractive city and also equipped aided by the most contemporary in wood furnishings, excellent amusement like flat monitor TV, DVD player, cable, and also internet accessibility that may be very dependable. Mini-bars are also in each and every place. Every home has also a bathtub, provides scorching and cold showers, and also other complimentary toiletries and tools like hairdryers and others. Safety deposit bins and also an outside swimming pool are amenities that friends can get pleasure from, together with sauna and therapeutic massage.

Ski Dubai Getaway is additionally a number of miles aside. This is really a ski resort inside of the Mall of Emirates and has 22,500 square meters of ski area. Visitors from Regal Plaza Hotel Dubai can get pleasure from skiing here due to the fact it really is only a few miles apart. Snow is in such a ski getaway the entire calendar year round, doing it the primary within this Middle Eastern region. It can be also the greatest indoor snow park inside the globe, and only within this wonderful city. Ski outfits and apparatus are no difficulties right here because they’re provided on this huge indoor snow park.

Lodge friends at Regal Plaza Hotel Dubai can appreciate almost all the things with this wonderful city. They can benefit from the sandy beaches, casinos, sports actions, and also Dubai Sightseeing, where they are able to possess the good occasions to relax and take pleasure in and depart their worries behind. Attractions in such a gorgeous city are several and where tourists and guest might have a number of options. Amusement parks are many, situated across the city, and guest may have the perfect food items in good dining restaurants that abound.

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Have you ever noticed how some hotel beds seem to envelope your body as you lay down on them and lull you into a wonderful sleep at night? This is because hotel staff who are responsible for purchasing the beds and mattresses know just what their guests will adore when they come to stay at their hotel. The following are some of the reasons why these hotel beds are so comfortable.

Quality Mattresses and Beds

First and foremost, the mattresses and beds which these hotels choose are of the highest quality. Many of the beds are an air bed or adjustable bed which gives them that extra added component of sheer luxury. Those who use air beds at their hotels do so because they are aware of the self-adjusting components to this type of bed and know the comfort level which such mattresses will produce. One hotel uses the garden sleep system in their rooms and those who are guests at the hotel rave about the comfort level and great night’s sleep which they get as a result of this high quality sleep system. Overall, the quality and type of mattress is one reason why hotel beds are so comfortable.

Comfortable Linens

In addition to a quality mattress, hotel beds often have comfortable linens as well. The sheets and comforters which are used are ones which are not only comforting to the touch but provide one with a great night’s sleep. In addition, the way the linens are made up make for a comforting feel. Linens paired with a quality air bed make for a divine night of restful sleep.
The good news is that if you find a night’s sleep in a hotel simply superb, you can echo this environment in your own home. Find out what type of air bed or adjustable bed mattresses your favorite hotel uses in addition to their linen techniques and you can have the same type of sleep at home.

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It is obvious that if you are going on a holiday for longer than one-day and no relative or friend is there that you can stay with, your top alternative is to reserve a hotel room. Most towns in Greece have numbers of hotels and you get the most luxury feeling during your holidays there, especially when it comes to the hotels in Parga. But, if you would like to have the finest deals and the most pleasing time, tag on these tips.

Settle On A Hotel: First and foremost thing you need to do is decide on a hotel you want to stay in during the holiday with your family. Consider if it goes well with your travel budget and there is no extra cost to have your children share a room. Do not forget to think about the type of room you need.

Search for the Best Hotel Deals: You can do this by browsing the major travel websites. You can even contrast hotels in each site by read-through the box beside hotels you like and after that clicking on the ‘Compare’ key. In this way, you will come to observe pages of additional hotels alongside that you can also perceive for a review later on. Several hotels do not take account of free internet access & breakfast and you can find this by exploiting the ‘Compare’ feature.

Confirm the Hotel Website or Travel Websites for Hotel Reviews: You are advised to talk to your travel agent regarding the lodgings.

Dial To The Hotel Directly: While you may get hold of a superior deal on money off travel websites, they in all probability will not inform you regarding elite special deals. Here, you need to ensure that you courteously ask if they have discounts, and they will let you know if they currently have or not.

Ask the clerk questions, if you have any, while reserving a hotel room. This way, you can get some information about the hotel and its featured services. Once you are done with this, you will not get annoyed later on. You may need inquiring about parking, extra amenities, pets, smoking, and so on.

Remember to ask for a detailed brochure of the hotel, to make sure that you make out exactly what to look forward to and then confirm your booking. Almost every hotel in Parga lets you verify its cancellation policy as well.

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Last 18th November saw the grand opening of the most electrifying discotheque in the Dominican Republic with a party hosted by international DJ Erick Morillo, Las Vegas own DJ Vice, recording artist Cedric Gervais. For truly unforgettable Dominican Republic holidays in Punta Cana, where hard-partying is a must, there’s no better place to go than the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Punta Cana and its newest ORO nightclub.

Comparable with the most prestigious see-and-be-seen competitor nightclubs in Las Vegas and Miami, the new ORO nightclub at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Punta Cana stretches along 14,000 square feet of space and is divided into two levels (dance floor and mezzanine), featuring brilliant show lighting and award-winning Funktion One sound. Adding to the dramatics is its signature two-story LED wall consisting of more than 300 individual LED screens and the first-ever infinity edge bar…all of which make it a truly one-of-a-kind venue for serious party lovers in search of the perfect destination for all-dancing holidays in Punta Cana, one of the Dominican Republic’s most famous and popular holiday beach resorts.

Conceived by Francois Frossard and inspired by the sensuality of the Dominican Republic, ORO Nightclub is designed to maximize the nightlife scene and elevate to a climax the hard-partying experience, seducing visitors and hotel guests to an uninhibited euphoria. In addition, for sheer luxury during hardcore partying as part of you your club-tastic Dominican Republic holidays, ORO has 37 VIP tables, top premium liquor bottle service, and waiters and bartenders from Las Vegas, Spain, Miami, Colombia, in addition to Dominican models. ORO Nightclub offers partygoers the chance to feel and be treated like millionaires. At ORO, guests indulge in A-list parties just like those created for celebrity clients of LIV in Miami, such as P. Diddy, Jennifer Lopez, Tiesto, Pitbull, Bruno Mars, Kim Kardashin, Paris Hilton, Lil Wayne, Lebron James, Jay-Z, Fabulous and Enrique Iglesias.

Boasting more than 1,700 guest rooms, every touch point at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana is exquisite. Raising the bar for all nightclubs at all Dominican Republic hotels in Punta Cana and island wide, the ORO experience is unique not only in this beach resort but in the whole country.

At the exclusive Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Punta Cana, the outdoor Venetian canal style aqua scape includes 12 expansive pools, four swim-up bars, a lazy river and three kids pools with flume waterslides. Cuisine choices are endless with nine international restaurants and delis, from Brazilian steakhouse Ipanema and The Market international buffet to Asian Teppanyaki at Zen and brick-oven pizza at Pizzeto. The signature Rock Spa includes innovative ice room and the most complete hydrotherapy circuit in the Caribbean. The Jack Nicklaus designed Cana Bay Palace Golf Club meanders through breathtaking local landscapes. And with the perfect location on Macao Beach, guests experience the ultimate beachfront paradise.

On-site shopping includes boutiques, souvenirs at the Rock Shop and jewelry and Spa boutiques. Guests are entertained around every corner with exclusive Hard Rock memorabilia such as Elton Johns hand-painted piano, Tommy Lees Motley Crue silver space ship outfit, Gene Simmons custom axe base and Sammy Hagars 1926 hot rod. Recognized as the largest casino in the Dominican Republic, guests and the general public test their luck at the hotels 45,000-square foot venue. Avid and amateur gamers alike can go all-in at the casinos exclusive high-limit poker room, VIP lounge, race and sports book, or any of the 386 slot machines and 40 gaming tables.