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Hotel management is fast becoming a very important economic job opportunity. Studying hotel management can be done as in a two year trade school or a professional four year undergrad school. It is definitely a division of a specific type of management skill but leans more towards an artistic home economic side of it as it requires more than just planning. It also requires good taste, a good ability to deal with people, interpersonal skill, handling problems quickly and of course multi tasking. Hotel management courses teach more than that in their extensive programs. There are different approaches and concentrations taught in hotel management courses and I will go through a few of them. One specific concentration in hotel management courses can be specifically culinary management. This skill not only teaches you to be a great chef but also the art involved in presenting food tastefully and leading a group of cooks to create food that holds a certain quality and quantity standard that always remains uniform no matter how many times it is cooked. It also involves dcor of food to make it look fancier and more desirable. Other hotel management courses include a sort of interior design where hotel management students are taught of sense of matching in room schemes and colors, the most elegant presentation of dining rooms, choosing the best cutlery and napkins, having relevant mats, tiles, and fancy rugs, the different styles of chandeliers that can flatter a certain room, the perfect sized TV set for a suite, the styles of the couches and coffee tables in a room etc; When hotel managers have a good sense of these combinations, they know the perfect combination where a room will brighten up and make their guest feel more relaxed. Other skills taught in these courses include communication skills so the guests can feel welcome when greeted in the right way and dealt with the right way. These courses also cover extensive business related topics that deal with leading and managing a big corporation and a large group of people in to achieving a goal or a prospering a series of events. It is harder when it comes to organizations such as in the hotel management market where a huge group of people need to work together to control and make happy and satisfied an even larger group of people by work together in harmony although always handling different tasks.

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Most of the visitors are familiar with Sydney; they’ve either remained in the dazzling town, or have at least heard or read about the region’s many of the destinations. Less well-known but certainly just as worth appreciation is Manly beach, a stone throw away from the centre of Sydney, and one of the most beautiful natural beach areas in Australia. Manly beach features a range of the seashores, promenades, purchasing regions, and the interesting special occasions that are ideal for a variety of the visitors, whether be the purpose on sun-tanning in the sun, scuba diving in the sea, or walking about this drowsy and laid-back beach town. There are numerous Manly wharfs from where the visitors can enjoy the most beautiful scenes and the ships in the sea which is a life time experience.

The excellent housing in Manly beach Sydney offers is a sign of the increasing travel and leisure business in the area. With a number of the hotels, well-maintained flats, and other choices available, visitors will discover finding housing at Manly Beach Sydney is a piece of cake, whether for a short remain or a long vacation expanded out across a sleeping sack. The housing at the Manly beach Sydney offers its visitors various great features and the services in many other major resort cities and visitors will easily fall madly in love with the cost-effective and fashionable choices.

Enjoying a walk along The Corso, Manly’s newly-renovated central purchasing region, dining out at the wharf, discovering the local sea life marine or at Ocean world Manly, the visitors are sure to really like this town’s heavenly appeal. With the relaxed housing at Manly Beach Sydney style, like the cost-effective and the relaxed choices at the Manly Beach Apartments, the visitors can evade the big town and very well discover the new methods to relax in the sand.

The different hotels contain their own specific benefits, correspondingly coming good on the ever-changing and the fast-growing needs of the visitors from across the world. The visitors looking for absolute solitude, beauty and the great serenity all at the same time are supposed to head their ways to the Manly beach Sydney accommodation. The beach cottages in Manly beach have been very well personalized and made completely luxurious to offer everything the innovative visitors demand.

From the pricey five star ones to the reasonable guest houses, the entire range is there to be opted for. Those travelling with their families might get the facilities really attractive that comes down to them at reasonable price ranges. International visitors discover their ideal Manly beach Sydney housing in the form of the hotels close by the Bondi Beach. Besides, quite a lot of honeymoon vacation hotels wait for recently wed partners to spread the luxury style among the beach housing.

Leading Manly Wharf and Manly Beach Sydney : To know more about Manly Wharf and Manly Beach Sydney kindly visit Manlybeachaccommodation.com

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Austria, in modern times, has beautifully blended its cultural heritage with modern marvels in architecture. Visitors are often surprised to see the amount of amalgam contained in every modern city of Austria. Whether you buy property for business or personal use, Austria always remains the perfect place to relax. The Austrian Government has chosen to make changes to the laws regarding foreign nationals investing in property in the country. In fact these changes have not only helped to make the whole process streamlined but also much simpler.
Flachau is a lively Austrian alpine resort situated just 60kms south of Salzburg. It is home to the legendary downhill skier Hermann Maier, whos family still run the local ski school and hire shop. The resort lies at the very centre of the vast Ski Amade region which consists of an incredible 860kms of pistes all on the same lift pass.
The Flachau Ski Amade Resort is an exclusive development of 25 apartments due for completion winter 2011. All the apartments are built to the highest specification and each comes with either a balcony, roof terrace or garden. Apartments range from 48m2 one bedroom apartments right up to large 133m2, three bedroom apartments with huge roof terraces and excellent views down towards the village.
The apartments are situated right on the piste and just a short walk from the resort centre. There is a communal playground for the kids, underground parking, cable TV and wi-fi throughout. The key features of apartments are: Prices from just 189,000, Ski-in Ski-out, Close to resort centre, Part of huge Ski Amade region, All apartments with balconies, terraces or gardens, No rental obligation and Just 40 minutes from Salzburg.
You will also find a large number of respected and reliable Austrian luxury real estate sales realtors who can help you in purchasing the perfect property in Austria. Whether you choose any of the great, elegant and magnificent villas or the chalets near ski resorts where you have complete fun with family during a break, or the great farm houses situated in the green lashing meadows, you get complete assistance from such real estate agents in your purchase.
Mark Warner Property has a wide range of property in Austria and the Austrian Alps for sale including properties and real estate in top Austrian ski resorts and other locations in Austria. Mark Warner Property offers luxury apartments for sale in Flachau featuring 1 or 3 bedrooms. If you want to explore Austria Property for sale , please visit the site

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Following a sustainability audit, five star Jumeirah Emirates Towers, one of many luxury Dubai hotels gracing the emirate’s popular Jumeirah district, joined the list of over 800 Green Globe Certified businesses around the world making it the first of the Jumeirah Hotels and Resorts Group to be accredited with such a recognition. As part of its own Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme the Jumeirah Emirates Towers has been making consistent efforts to develop its eco-friendly policies and as a result the hotel was able to achieve an impressive score of 85 per cent compliance against the Green Glove Standard for Sustainable Travel & Tourism.

Some of the notable green initiatives employed by the Jumeirah Emirates Tower include energy saving, water management as well as automated systems with the capability of monitoring and controlling the usage of air conditioning and other electrical devices as the hotel guests come and go out of their rooms.

Unlike many other hotels in Dubai, the Jumeirah Emirates Towers sustainability measures are not limited to those on their luxury Dubai holidays but also extend to guests on business trips with their Daily Environmental Package specifically designed for business meetings held in the hotels conference rooms. Under this package, business guests can opt for filtered water in decanters as opposed to the traditional individual 300 ml plastic bottles for example. Tenants of the Office Tower have also been part of the green trend with the hotel signing up to the office of the Prime Ministers Green Vision initiative which seeks to ensure that all employees observe best practice for environmental conservation.

The hotel management was keen to note that the green ethic has led to significant cost savings for the Jumeirah Emirates Towers. The simple act of dimming the lights in recognition of Earth Hour, which the Towers will once again observe this year on 31st March 2012 from 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm, makes a difference to the energy consumption of such a large scale luxury hotel. A notable impact on any business bottom line may well encourage other luxury Dubai hotels to follow suit in the future and promote sustainable tourism.

Green Globe is a U.S. based global certification body for sustainable tourism and its a member of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council, supported by the United Nations Foundation.

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A lot of travellers are searching for the total price tag for their holiday. Everybody knows that all of the daily costs while on holiday nearly always finish up adding up to over you had figured out during your planning stages. Vegas hostels aren’t the least expensive in the U.S, and if you add the sum of money one frequently spends on betting while there and the cost of food everyday you have just got yourself quite a pricey holiday. The pull of the comprehensive vacation is that you know precisely what the final cost will be prior to beginning the particular vacation. The total cost of a comprehensive holiday appears stumbling initially. But if you compare with a holiday taken “la carte,” when you add up all the individual costs, it is mostly the case that travelers finish up spending more when they take these holidays rather than selecting a comprehensive resort. The pull of this more recent sort of holiday hasn’t escaped the best Vegas hostels, and plenty of casino resorts currently offer holiday packages that include lodging costs, the expenses of meals that are eaten in the resort complicated, and, in a few cases, betting activities. Naturally, travelers wanting to spend more than the pre-arranged amount on betting can simply use cash from their own pockets to resume betting once the fixed amount from their holiday package has run out. Especially for travelers traveling with their spouses or with their families, the comprehensive holiday is a smart way to ensure that all of the costs are covered, and, maybe more significant, a good way to avoid fighting about cash in the holiday. Many travelers don’t consider the likelihood of disagreements while on holiday when they’re planning their trip, but many families have a tendency to disagree when it comes down to how to spend their hard-won greenbacks. If you’re planning a visit to the betting town of the planet, there are a vast number of Vegas hotel rooms to select from ; to be more actual, roughly 100,000 of them that fit each budget and fantasy you are considering. The majority of the hostels are supplied with web connection and the general hotel ammenities. But why will you truly want to have a Net connection or fantastic room facilities when the genuine exciting experiences is truly out there in the streets and casino? Vegas hotel rooms are diverse ; you will find a room that fits your honeymoon fantasy and another that offers just the fundamentals.

Because of the massive number of availability of Vegas hotel rooms, you do not have to book months in advance the conventional way, as there’s no off or on season ; nevertheless if you would like a selected kind of room at a selected hotel, then booking ahead is advised. The best and simplest way to book any Vegas hotel room is online, where most hostels have a profile with photos and details like the location, costs and amenities provided.

Online booking always run promotion by giving out electronic discounts. These chits serve as discount code when you book the rooms on the internet.

The discount can be quite good, often hitting a fifty percent off.

Always be on a lookout for such vouchers and it can help to save you quite a sustaintial sum of money.

Nevertheless if you do not have some time to order online for one of the famous Las Vegas hotel rooms, be assured that you’ll find something that may fit your necessities and budget, regardless of if you happen to be passing thru.

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Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka, is emerging as a top global tourist destination. It is a great sunny and seaside destination in the island-country and makes for a really memorable trip. Staying in a Colombo hostel is another rich experience. Most of the city hostels are truly grand and remarkable. They come with all sorts of facilities and luxurious amenities to give you a rejuvenating stay. You can get all sorts of hostels depending on your requirement. There are the budgeted hostels as well as the expensive ones and it is very easy to book one in advance.

Another truly amazing experience is to check into a Colombo beach hostel. A beach hostel is definitely a place which can put up your accommodation close to the nature. The beaches of Sri Lanka are exuberant and exotic. Their pristine beauty can definitely leave an indelible mark on your mind. At these beach hostels, you can easily get a sea-facing room. Leaning by the window-sill against the backdrop of the Indian Ocean and gazing at the sun-kissed sky can be an unforgettable feeling. What more can a nature-lover ask for?

Colombo is a place of myriad activities. The local culture is pretty interesting even to an Asian. For a westerner, it will be a refreshing revelation! Local people may look grave but are very friendly and you can get on with them very easily. The shopping facilities are also great in this part of the world. Apart from commercial complexes, you can also get a taste of the traditional markets. You can shop for everything but do not forget to carry back some mementos. After you have had your cozy rest in your Colombo hostel, you must set out for some sightseeing. The city has plenty of attractions and each of them is as good as the other.

Talangama Wetland is a swampy area which is a must-visit for someone who loves natural sites. The flora & fauna around the wetland is also very rich and photogenic. Amongst the beaches, the beach of Mount Lavinia is a firm favorite with many. It is sunny, breezy and sandy and the sea always looks inviting. Some people simply fall head over heels in love with this beach and make sure that they book rooms in a Colombo beach hostel nearby.

Stepping into the history, the Wolvendaal Church trip will be a nostalgic experience. The old and grand church holds some poignant Dutch memories. Sri Lanka also houses some sedate temples and Buddhist viharas. One of the more famous ones is the Gangaramaya Buddhist Temple whose beauty and tranquility is beyond compare.

Those who love their museums can find plenty in this part of Asia. Colombo National Museum is a special attraction and so is the Dutch Period Museum. If you are a fan of the sport of cricket, then do not forget to check out the famous R. Premadasa Stadium which has seen a number of nail-biting matches over the years.

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In short, there really is no official answer to the question of this post, -which is the best London youth hostel’, essentially because of the sheer volume of great youth and other hostels in London, a bustling, cosmopolitan and ever evolving city. There are so many great different types of hostels in the British capital, all of them catering to a great deal of different markets, clients and styles. So, what specific things should you try to identify from a youth hostel before you make that booking? What important characteristics should you look for, and where exactly should you look for them? Here, let me help you along the way and get you started on finding a great London youth hostel for your time in this great city of ours!

What does a good London youth hostel include?

There are a couple of central points that you need to consider when looking for accommodation in London, whatever type of trip you are organising. These include:

Location: the more central your hostel is the easier you will find your time in London, your transport costs will be lower and you can devote much more valuable time to sightseeing and shopping!

Cost: the closer you are to the centre of the city the higher the costs will be, however, the further out you go the longer you will have to spend on the train or bus. It is a play off between the two, but finding a compromise isn’t too difficult.

Services and Amenities: take a look at the hostel’s website, Facebook page or blog and see how active the hostel is. If they have a big online presence, they’re more likely to be knowledgeable, enthusiastic and helpful.

Reputation: take another look online at review sites or travel blogs and see what others are saying about the place. If you hear a lot of good things about a hostel, it’s likely to be great. Personal tip: take a look at Clink Hostels as there has been a lot of good things said about them recently!

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The Hastens Luxury Bed is a sign of prestige and self-indulgence wherever it is found. Hastens Beds are the selected beds of the Swedish Royal Family, and are made in Sweden. Every luxury mattress is hand-sewn of all non-synthetic cotton, wool, flax, horsehair with boxes of naturally grown Swedish Pine.

Horsehair is felt to be the proprietary ingredient in the all natural mattress. The horse hair gives springiness, and is resistant to dust mites. Horsehair also carries away water vapor without synthetic fibers. There is no PU foam which exudes gases poisonous to many people. Every coil is made of Swedish steel, and is individually hand encased in a pocket. Coils are not connected, thus giving the most hold for each part of the body.

Hast is Swedish for horse, and the crest give witness to the manufacturer`s 1852 origins as a saddle making company. Saddles were cushioned with horse hair, and back then it was understood that horse hair stuffing made the best beds. Before long Hastens was manufacturing a some special order all natural mattresses. These standards are more valued in the present decade, and Hastens is the first mattress maker to receive the Swan Environmental Award.

Customers who swear by Hastens luxury mattresses are often those with sciatica. Around the globe, pleased users attest to receiving a full eight hours sleep on Hastens Beds if all separate brands have failed to provide them nightly comfort.

Hastens sell for between $3000 and $54,000 US dollars, clearly putting them in a class by themselves. Prestige seekers are happy to tell that they spent a night on one at a hotel, which of course will also be high-class. People who may be seriously considering ordering a Hastens Bed might desire to rest on one for several evenings prior to deciding on such a expensive buy.

Hastens offers a 25-year warranty on their beds. This makes them attractive to inns who must continually buy new beds which is subject to every day use which often approaches improper use.

Inns in urban areas across the globe have rooms with Hastens Luxury Beds. Austria, Salzburg, Hotel Salzburg
Belgium, Antwerpen, Qbic Hotel Antwerpen
Belgium, Haasrode, Hotel De Rode Haas
Czech Republic, Prague, ICON Boutique Hotel
Denmark, Bornholm, Melsted Badehotel
Denmark, Esbjerg, Hotel Hjerting
Denmark, Skagen, Hotel Plesner
Denmark, Vejle, Comwell Kellers Park
Denmark, Aarhus, Best Western Hotel Oasia
Finland, Kuopio, Sokos Hotel Puijonsarvi
Italy, Albergo, Ville di Corsano (SI)
Italy, Albergo, Residenza Villa Giuncheto
Netherlands, Amsterdam, Qbic Hotel Amsterdam
Netherlands, De Koog, Hotel Greenside
Netherlands, Haarlem, Hotel Stempels
Netherlands, Lattrop, Hotellerie De Holtweijde
Netherlands, Maastricht, La Bergre Hotel
Netherlands, Mechelen, Hotel Hoeve de Plei
Netherlands, Vlieland, Badhotel Bruin
Norway, Alta, Park Hotell Alta
Poland, Krynica Zdroj, Hotel SPA Dr Irena Eris Krynica Zdroj
Poland, Wzgorza Dylewskle, Hotel SPA Dr Irena Erls Wzgorza Dylewskle
Spain, Barcelona, Hotel Ibai
Spain, Marbella, Marbella Club Hotel
Sweden, Gotland, Furillen
Sweden, Goteborg, Clarion Collection Hotel Odin
Sweden, Karmansbo, Karmansbo Herrgard
Sweden, Mariefred, Gripsholms vardshus
Sweden, Riksgransen, Hotell Riksgransen
Sweden, Stockholm, Best Western Premier Foresta Hotel
Sweden, Stockholm, Kallfors Hotell
Sweden, Tallberg, Akerblads Hotell & Gastgiveri
Sweden, Varberg, Varbergs Kurort & Spa
Sweden, Are, Hotell Fjallgarden
Switzerland, Zurich, Hotel Kindli
United Kingdom, London, Blakes Hotel
United States, Chicago, Illinois, The Peninsula Chicago
United States, Los Angeles, California, Hotel Bel Air
United States, Phoenix, Arizona, Biltmore Resort & Spa
United States, Seattle, Washington, Hotel Andra

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UAE- based City Seasons Group of Hotels announces four new hotel projects set to open within the next three years.

The first to open during the last quarter of 2010 will be the City Seasons Hotel Muscat. This new five star hotel, adjacent to a new mall, will be the second largest in the city and will feature well-appointed interiors and state-of-the-art facilities including meeting and banqueting space.
This will be followed in 2011 by the Royal City Seasons Hotel Abu Dhabi, a substantially sized hotel with 461 rooms and 34 suites located in the heart of the capital.

Bringing the number of hotels in Abu Dhabi to three, the 150 room City Seasons Park Hotel Abu Dhabi is set to open in 2012.

The fourth new hotel to open within the next three years is the City Seasons Hotel Bur Dubai. This 200- room hotel, with its magnificent interiors and unique architecture, will be located in the heart of the shopping and business districts and will be close to metro stations making it ideal for both business and leisure travellers alike.

In addition to these four new openings the group has also just completed phase one of its extensive refurbishment of the City Seasons Al Hamra Hotel Abu Dhabi, with 180 modern and stylish rooms and suites complete. It is about to embark on the second phase of the refurbishment transforming the property into an elegant boutique hotel.

The City Seasons Group has a remarkably established presence in the GCC during the short five year period since its launch and we are working on expanding our portfolio through the addition of new hotels in key destinations said Thomas Tapken group general manager, City Seasons Group.

The groups portfolio currently includes the City Seasons Suites which is conveniently located opposite Deira City Centre, the City Seasons Hotel Dubai which is just three minutes from the Deira City Centre and the City Seasons Al Hamra Hotel in the heart of Abu Dhabi.

The groups fourth property, the City Seasons Hotel Al Ain situated in the heart of the beautiful Emirate, is also expanding its inventory from 77 to 89 rooms to accommodate its rapidly increasing clientele from Europe.

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Ascend Collection is a leading business group offers a network of historic, boutique and unique hotels throughout the world. Ascend Collection, a network of historic, boutique & unique hotels that offer guests an authentic, local experience. Ascend Collection hotels share a passion for delivering attentive service to guests seeking a more experiential, individualized travel experience that gives them a sense of local flavor.At Ascend Hotel, guests benefit the peace of mind they get from a hotel that’s part of a trusted worldwide network.The hotels from Ascend Collection group are spread in Australia, Canada and throughout the United States. >

Ascend Collection hotels is strategically located at prime position, either whether it’s a NYC or Chicago or Canada. With few miles away from the hotel location there is all major business districts and other major tourist spots. One of the most famous and profitable hotel from Ascend Collection group is Inn of Chicago Boutique hotel. Amenities at this hotel are cocktail lounge, business center, dry cleaning services, health & fitness center, free wireless high speed internet, safe deposits boxes and many more. This hotel is also the house of famous InnBar cocktail Lounge. InnBar is the flawless place to breeze down later arriving into town, coming back from a night out, or arranging for some evening fun in the fair city of Chicago. Here you can enjoy specialty cocktails, imported & domestic beers, as well as a fine selection of wines. The chic, modern & upscale lounge is continuously a great place to start or end an evening.

Another famous hotel from the Ascend Collection is the Verve Hotel located in New York City. Verve hotel mirrors the New York City’s enthusiasm & solemnity in a melodious blend. This hotel is known to be one of the most accessiblypositioned business hotels, this place is extremely known for its cost-effectiveness. Attractive interiors, impeccable service & stylish lodging combine to make it amongst the most graceful and elegant hotels near down town New York. Verve hotel take great pride in being known as the top hotel in queens. Therefore hotel caters reputed hospitality that makes your stay truly unforgettable. The restaurant at Verve, offer mouthwatering breakfast buffet, which is a great start to your day, the knowledgeable Front Desk staff also assist you with planning a full day’s journey & at the end of the day you are greeted back home by the hotel sociable staff & finally you receive the hotel’s luxurious comfortable beds which is the perfect way to completing your day.

For further hotel, move up to Canada, here Inn on the Lake is the most popular hotel from Ascend Collection. Hotel Inn on the Lake is huddled among 5 acres of park land on the brink of Lake Thomas, perfectly positioned as a touring base. The hotel is also appropriately positioned 8 miles away from the airport & the cities of Halifax & Dartmouth. The hotel is the houses of gardens, gazebos, luxurious suites, formal dining room & with king size beds & white sand beachJacuzzi tubs which are a favorite of those desire for romance. The inn specializes in small meetings, conferences, weddings, banquets and special occasion functions.