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Now, Chandigarh is also reckoning as the best destination for students as well as job seekers. This charming city is welcoming many aspirers with open arms along with numbers of opportunities. Almost every year horde of people come to the city and seeks in the proper accommodation. If you are one who is planning to reside in Chandigarh then you are the lucky person who has got this wonderful chance. In comparison to other metropolis the accommodation is quite reasonable in Chandigarh as well as healthier. The climate of the city is so wonderful which is free from pollution and population.

As Chandigarh has turn out to be most attractive destination across the India, the demand of rental property in Chandigarh has been increased. The best and affordable accommodation considered is Girl’s pg in Chandigarh or girls hostel in Chandigarh. The reason of popularity of this accommodation especially among the girls is that it is quite affordable as well as safe and secure for girls.

Some of the well maintained Girl’s pg in Chandigarh or girls hostel in Chandigarh is covered with the CCTV cameras as per the security purposes and also provides the good facility of guards who is sitting at the main door of the Girl’s pg in Chandigarh or girls hostel in Chandigarh who do the proper investigation of every unknown visitor. This kind of Girl’s pg in Chandigarh or girls hostel in Chandigarh also provides great and superb quality of meal day and night and also takes care of the sanitation as well.

Affordable and reasonable, secure and safe, clean and hygiene are the few advantages of the best Girl’s pg in Chandigarh or girls hostel in Chandigarh but of course along with all these facilities they will charge you more than the other Pg’s or hostels. They also provides you the best and better furniture to use and promises to take the responsibility if any part needs repair. If you are ready to pay some extra bucks for better living style then go with these Pg’s or hostels. Now you are thinking of that where and how we find this type of accommodation in Chandigarh. Go to the brokers they will definitely help you in searching the Girl’s pg in Chandigarh or girls hostel in Chandigarh.

One can also find it from huge database of the online property portals. These online portals will serve you in free of cost like khojle.in

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Travelling alone is never a right choice to do since you might find yourself lonely and you’ll be needing a companion to help you out in some places. Sometimes, when you need some company and a person to talk with, you might find him at the hostel. Most often, people in hostels are really open to meeting others and, once you make the effort to introduce yourself, they can be very friendly. You might also find other travelers, who are alone just like you, needing some companionship.

Scout people wisely. When you are looking for prospective new friends, you need to have an idea of the types of people that are going to be receptive to your advances. Look for people that seem to be hanging around solo or chatting with the hostel staff. Don’t pick out people in big groups, but look for one or two travelers that might be having an interesting conversation.

Hang out in the common room. This is key. Just sit in the common room. Usually, someone will have a DVD or soccer game on. Maybe a few people will be playing a game or playing some music. Don’t infringe upon their fun right away, but just grab a magazine or your guidebook and chill for awhile.

Start with introducing yourself. Start introducing yourslef to someone who might want to know you. Start by just smiling or saying hello. If there are game-players, wait until they’ve finished their round and ask if you can join in.

Ask questions. This is one good way to start conversations with people. Ask where they are from. What are they doing here? How long have they been here? What do they think of it? Where have they been sightseeing so far and would they recommend anything? These are all perfect questions since these will make you interested about them.

Don’t rush it. This is also a key. You don’t want to get one question in and corner them into a dinner commitment. Be cool and relaxed. Enjoy the moment with them. Generally, it’s best to do this in the early evenings, just before dinnertime when you might find one or two stragglers who are doing the same thing you are. Get to know your new mates a little before making an invite, and when you do, simply ask if they have dinner plans or, better yet, ask if they know of somewhere good to eat nearby, rather than launching into a huge invitation to dinner.

Smile. There is nothing even worse than a scowling hosteler. Smiling makes you seem friendly an approachable and can be the first great segway into a conversation with a really cool person.

Eavesdrop. Okay, I admit it. I eavesdrop. It is one of the best ways to scope people out and decide who is approachable and who isn’t. Now, you don’t just want to stare at people – be sly. Listen in gently to conversations while reading a magazine or guidebook. If the conversation seems personal, choose someone else to listen in on.

Have a suggestion in mind. Earmark a place that you saw on the road to the hostel or a bar you read about in your guidebook as a suggestion for where to go, in case the person you befriend doesn’t have a clue.

Do not ever act weird. This is just a good general rule of thumb in life, but don’t be creepy. How do you avoid being creepy in a hostel? Don’t be too forward. Don’t rush a conversation. Do not push into a friendship which will not work good. Don’t insult another person’s culture or make rude comments. Don’t scowl. And most of all, don’t be arrogant or brag about how well-traveled you are and all of the amazing places you’ve been. Be open to what other people have to say. Learn from them and befriend them, even if it’s just for one evening and you never see them again.

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Switzerland is a great travel destination for every backpacker who loves adventure and outdoors activities! If you fancy paragliding, canoeing, river rafting, skydiving, biking or skiing book your hostel in Switzerland and enjoy its green fields, the Alps, blue lakes and good food. Visit Switzerland and you will love its small villages, surrounded by mountains, cities with cosmopolitan character, open-minded inhabitants, green hills, meadowland and vineyards. You can easily move between small villages and cities; all towns have excellent transportation and good connections. HostelsClub recommends travelling by train with the Swiss Youth Pass and Swiss Pass which allows you to save money. You can also move around with the Swiss Post buses, they are ideal if you want to travel across alpine passes.
At every train station you can rent a bicycle, its the best way to reach the hostel and to explore the country. Bicycles can be rented at most railway stations and in the cities of Bern, Zurich, Geneva, Lausanne, and Vevey, you can even borrow bikes free of charge! Switzerland is an ideal country for hiking but also for winter sport and in every winter resort you can rent equipment, such as skis, boots, snowboards, sledges, skates, etc.
The Coolest Hostels in Switzerland
Start your trip in Zurich! Zurich is a fantastic city and you will have an unforgettable time. You will find a perfect combination of natural beauty, cosmopolitan charm and urban buzz. Explore the romantic old town, the famous Bahnhofstrasse and the lake promenade, the Langstrasse area with its international ambience and the red light district. Go to the some art gallery in the trendy Zurich West. This city has a lot of buried treasure such as the building at Fraumnster 8, greatly admired for its precious stained glass windows by Marc Chagall. Stay in Bern Backpackers Hotel Glocke it is the most centrally located hostel in Bern close to restaurants, bars, clubs museums and theatres. It is a comfortable backpackers hostel and offers you all the services; big common room with a great communal kitchen, laundry, internet, TV, free tea, free Wi-Fi and a football table. Saying in Bern you will understand why Einstein developed his special theory of relativity here and you will enjoy taste the best Emmental cheese!
From Bern you can easily reach Interlarken, Jungfrau, Lucerne, Basel or Geneva. Stay in Twins Minbak Bed & Breakfast in Lucerne which is located very close to the old town. In Lucerne you will have an incredible panorama of Lake Lucerne (Vierwaldstttersee), the spiritual heart of Switzerland. Twins Minbak Bed & Breakfast offers bright dormitory rooms, modern facilities, wireless internet in all rooms, and very friendly staff. Another very cool hostel in Switzerland is Hostel JBN in Chur. Chur is Switzerland’s oldest city and is the small cultural heart of Switzerland, you will find; music, cultural events, clubs, museums and boutiques. Hostel JBN is the first Backpacker-hostel in the Canton’s capital and its nice combination of Espresso bar and uncomplicated guest house. In the heart of Chur’s nightlife, the ‘JBN’ is located between restaurants, bars, clubs and even a bowling alley and is very stylish.
Interlaken is one of the most popular destinations in Switzerland for skiing; it’s the meeting point of the adventure activity scene. Three world-famous peaks Eiger, Moench and Jungfrau make it paradise for anybody who loves skiing and snowboarding! But Interlanke is also beautiful in the summer; the city is situated between two lakes Lake Thun and Lake Brienz a unique place. And Interlaken is the number one resort in Europe for adventure and fun! Stay in Backpackers Villa Sonnenhof and enjoy the fabulous nature and exciting adventure possibilities! Villa Sonnenhof is the perfect base for those looking for the comfort and convenience of a centrally located hostel that provides just that little extra. With accommodation ranging from dorms to double rooms and located in its own garden it offers everything you could desire to make your stay really enjoyable. You will get a free breakfast and clean linen, uses of self-catering kitchen and Wi-Fi. It’s really cool place to discover Switzerland with backpack!
Don’t miss Basel on you backpackers trip in Switzerland. Basel is located at the elbow of the Rhine on the borders of France and Germany and is the most cosmopolitan and open-minded city in Switzerland. The oldest university in Switzerland (1460) makes the city popular with students and Basel offers a vibrant night life. Stay in YMCA Hostel Basel and enjoy its modern facilities; free internet (terminal and wireless), free ticket for all public transportation in Basel, kitchen, laundry room with washing machine and tumbler, TV room and even chill-out room.
Switzerland has a lot of amazing regions, and in every city or town you will find

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I am a frequent visitor of London, nearly all of the time for work purposes. I love the citys hotels but my experience of Covent Garden hotel made a great distinction. It was not only a space for resting to me, but also it was more than I had anticipated. You cannot probably get lost, as the hotel is centrally positioned, and in one of Londons best local neighborhoods inside the West End. In fact, it is only a few steps away from the Covent Garden. Nearby, you’ll find gorgeous shops, small cafes and a beautiful French restaurant just across the street. This is the perfect place to sit and watch Londoners strutting throughout the roads brimming with life.

The hotels interior design is not just special, but also very legendary. Based on locals, the Hotel was in the past a hospital that in 1996 was rehabilitated into the most charming thing you can possibly discover in London. Its front door is wonderfully decorated with a mix of both traditional and contemporary decorations. I fell in love with the extraordinary stairs adorned in wonderful decorations. My room was a mix of tapestry and handmade Asian fabrics simply to present it a cool feel. Covent Garden Hotel includes a welcoming lobby and in contrast to almost all hotels in London, my room was really big, coupled with all of the comfort you want to get, and absolutely perfect for family. The lavatories are plush and contemporary, with deluxe double showers. You will find there’s TV and laptop computer for yourself in the rooms, and well-performing internet connection is a guarantee. People on business do not need to worry about leaving their laptop or having problems doing work at night.

One distinctive thing about Covent Garden Hotel is that even though it attracts those stressful business driven visitors, in addition, it aims to provide families as well as other travelers a homey atmosphere. The hotel personnel is quite friendly as well as helpful, and definately will always run to open the door for you. In fact I found a few chocolates and strawberries inside my room. I was extremely astonished by this gesture. It absolutely was good for me, specifically coming after a long day traveling. it was nice to ultimately obtain some peace of mind!. Other facilities available include a gym/fitness room, bar, cafe with quality food, well stocked and elegant library and also a drawing room. I will definitely not hesitate to suggest this the Covent Garden hotel to all kinds of visitors of London.

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Best Hotel Spas in Los Angeles

Gone are the days when one would need to leave the hotel and go to a separate location to experience a first class spa. At present Day spas in L. A. are the sanctuaries from the daily stress of life offering serenity and renewal in the comfort of your hotel. First class L. A. hotel spa services are not only limited to therapeutic massages but unique treatments, features and amenities are part of its long list of offerings. The largest resort like spa in L. A. can be found in the Four Seasons hotel which has numerous facilities that include a rain shower, Jacuzzi, steam and private sunbathing in a 40,000 square foot area. Within the Peninsula Beverly Hills hotel remarkable massage treatments with pulverized precious stones and mixed in oil are the area of expertise of The Peninsula Spa. The Beverly Hills Hotel Spa by La Prairie specializes in decadent treatments which involve diamonds, gold and caviar to name a few. Whichever spa you choose be ready to turn off your PDAs and mobile phones as most spas have now banned them.

The Best Hotels in Los Angeles that are Kid Friendly

Both children and parents do not have a lot of time to bond that is why family vacations are anticipated to be as fun and memorable as possible. Choosing the best hotel for your familys needs is very important to make your vacation a success, this is why we have put together a list of highly recommended kid friendly hotels. These family friendly establishments may have several services and mark downs specifically for kids, examples are planned programs for children, a theme park within several minutes drive from the hotel, kids meals, cheap room rates for kids and babysitting services. A shuttle service to Universal Studios, extensive gardens, a hotel pool and babysitting services comprises The Sheraton Universals fun filled family amenities. Fun at the beach and the Santa Monica amusement pier is whats in store for kids at the Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel. They even have a special menu and giveaways for kids. Last but not the least if money is a bit of an issue the Beverly Garland’s Holiday Inn offers good value for money so consider it when you plan. The room prices are low, and it is close to Universal Studios, kids stay and eat free.

Stay in Los Angeles at affordable rates

Have you always wanted to visit Los Angeles but found it hard to locate a cheap place to stay?The price for lodgings is one of the most important expenses when we plan a vacation because it usually takes a big chunk of our budget. The good news is even in an expensive city like Los Angeles we can still find good quality budget hotels. In the downtown area the Comfort Inn Los Angeles and the Kawada Hotel are in the middle of the city and boasts modern amenities like high speed internet access. Many hotels are found near LAX and two comfortable ones are Tradewinds Airport Hotel and La Quinta Inn and Suites which consistently provide practical services and amenities for the budget conscious and you even get free breakfast. If celebrity watching and Hollywood history are more your speed you will be happy to know that the Magic Castle Hotel and Quality Inn are fine establishments that will fit your budget. Now that you have found a solution to your budget constraints you can worry no more.

L. A. Top Hotel Bars

If the reason for your need to stay at a hotel is for leisure or work why not check in a hotel that has a trendy bar. The top bars in first-class hotels are able to offer not just an elegant setting but extraordinary cocktails that California is known for and is an apt ending to a busy day. In addition, if you are lucky you might even glimpse a celebrity or two. In Beverly Hills at the Four Seasons Hotel in Los Angeles, a notorious celebrity hangout is the Windows Lounge. Rich brown fabrics and refreshing greens blend with the garden style motif and is complimented by the music and signature martinis that are there to help you relax. Famous actors and actresses have been known to drop by the Champagne Bar at the Hotel Bel-Air to unwind amid the exquisite and relaxing dcor. For a bit of Hollywood history the Gallery bar at the Millennium Biltmore is home to the famous Black Dahlia cocktail in honor of the 1947 murder mystery of the same name set at the hotel.

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Pets bring joy to our lives and help one relax after a long, tiring day at work or otherwise. However, when you go out on a vacation or are travelling out of town, it is not always possible for you to take your pet along. Not all hotels you travel to will be pet friendly and there arises the dilemma of your pet’s wellbeing. You can either call for a pet sitter at home or keep them at some friend or relative’s place. At times, your friends too, might be unable to help you in this aspect; therefore the best alternative you can choose is pet lodging. This is the easiest way for you to get away from the issue of leaving your pet alone at home.

Like humans there are pet hotel too. There are many establishments that cater to your requirements of taking care of your personal animal. It is suggested for you to conduct a research as there are many such cat and dog hotels. Here professional with experience in handling animals provide their services as full time pet sitters. Most people choose this alternative as they are professionals and have gained ample training in taking care of your animal. You can send you dogs and cats for grooming sessions. Whether your dog needs a bath or toenail clip, show quality trim; the professional staff at these places will be glad to take care of them and meet all of their grooming requirements.

The very next alternative available is to keep your dog or cat, when you are going out is the hourly pet hotel. You can drop in your pet anytime during the day and the charges are very reasonable. They charge you according to hours. This service is most convenient when you are going out of town for some hours to visit a relative, friend or to a place where you cannot take your pet along. These places usually operate through the week, however, it would be best to check their working hours before you select one. There are dog grooming spas that offer stripping, matting, hand scissoring, hair coloring, styling, shedding, dental scrub, ear cleaning, hair removal, nail trim, nail buffing, pad and paw rejuvenating treatments, full pawdicure, express anal glands and hydro surge bath and brush. You need to make advance bookings and mention which services you would like for your canine friend. In case you decide to opt for full grooming services, the charges will depend on the breed of the animal and the condition of his coat.

All these service providers are easily accessible online. You can contact them and make an appointment. However, before you hire any services it is suggested to consult a veterinarian as they will tell what services would best suit your pet. These service providers are doing their bit by providing their best assistance; all you need to do is seek their help. In case of any queries, contact the representative personally on the customer care number mentioned on the site. It would also help to read reviews of other clients as you get knowledge about someone else’s firsthand experience.

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The city of Manali is known as the Paradise in the Western Himalayas, which is positioned at the foothills of the Rohtang Pass in the state of Himachal Pradesh. The city of Manali is a renowned resort, perfect for visiting during all the seasons. The city of Manali is positioned in the center of the misty mountain valley which is full of quietness and mesmeric beauty, the thick forests and the nutritious apple plantations. The city of Manali is the access way to the great wonders of the Himalayas, to the Lahaul-Spiti Valley to the rocky heights of Leh-Ladakh.

The Hotel Wood Rock is placed in the town of Manali in the state of Himachal Pradesh in northern India. The Hotel Wood Rock in Manali is positioned at a short distance of 100 meters from the Mall on the Circut House Road, Manali. The hotel overlooks the snow-covered peaks of the Himalayas.

Hotel Wood Rock as the name suggests is made of “WOOD” & “ROCK” and designed for evert comfort of our guests.

The hotel is surrounded by excellent view of the beautiful Himalayas.

It is 5 min. walk from the mall and provides ample parking space with well maintained lawns. the lobby is simple yet elegant interiors will soothe your heart as you step into WOOD ROCK.

Room for everyone

Luxurious guest rooms which includes Deluxe, Super Deluxe, Honeymoon Suite and Duplex, offer comfort and warmth of a five-star hospitality. Each room is equipped with a plasma TV, Interactive entertainment facilities, Cupboards, in room safes, international direct dial telephones and 24 hrs. hot water facility for your comfort.

Deluxe Rooms

The Deluxe rooms are well furnished and spacious rooms,with beautiful gallery view of the Himalayas. A complete marvel in luxury and hospitality the suites provide you with superior class facilities and 24-hour room service to make you feel privileged.

Super Deluxe Rooms

The Super Deluxe rooms are well furnished and spacious rooms,with beautiful gallery view of the Himalayas. A complete marvel in luxury and hospitality the suites provide you with superior class facilities and 24-hour room service to make you feel privileged.

Honeymoon Suites

The Honeymoon Suites are well furnished and spacious rooms,with beautiful gallery view of the Himalayas. A complete marvel in luxury and hospitality the suites provide you with superior class facilities and 24-hour room service to make you feel privileged.

Duplex Rooms

The Duplex rooms are well furnished and spacious rooms,with beautiful gallery view of the Himalayas. A complete marvel in luxury and hospitality the suites provide you with superior class facilities and 24-hour room service to make you feel privileged.

Our multi-cuisine restaurant offers vegetarian cuisines of North India, South Indian, Chinese and a splash of Continental fare.To compliment the good food the service is personalised and delivered with a smile.

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Sofitel Luxury Hotels has opened its first Abu Dhabi hotel and its second property in the United Arab Emirates.

The Sofitel Abu Dhabi Corniche is located on the seafront on the eastern tip of Abu Dhabis Corniche and tourists staying at the new property will have access to Saadiyat Island and Yas Island.

The latest addition to the already reputable collection of luxury Abu Dhabi hotels is part of the new Capital Plaza Complex and the building boasts contemporary architecture and design.

The chief executive of Sofitel Worldwide, Robert Gaymer-Jones, commented: I am particularly happy to be welcoming this new flagship hotel to our network.

The Sofitel Abu Dhabi Corniche is a precious asset for the brand both in the Middle East and internationally.

In addition to its strategic location in Abu Dhabi, its design based on contemporary art with some well-known French artists has ensured that this establishment is totally in line with the country strategic positioning.

When guests of the new hotel first arrive to their holidays in Abu Dhabi, they will be greeted in the lobby which features beautiful paintings from Pierre Soulages, a French artist known as the painter of black, as well as lithographs from Jean Cocteau and sculptures inspired by Brancusi.

The luxury hotel has 282 rooms and suites with modern dcor, furnishings and amenities, plus facilities including the Club Millesime Lounge, three gourmet restaurants with a wide choice of international and regional cuisine, three elegant bars, and 2,600-square-metres of meeting space.

During Abu Dhabi holidays at the Sofitel Abu Dhabi Corniche guests can walk across the bridge and head to Saadiyat Island, an up and coming world class leisure, residential, business and tourism hub. The natural island spans 27-square-kilometres of land, and development is being carried out in different stages until 2020.

The island is home to iconic landmarks; marinas with berths for up to 1,000 boats; two championship golf courses; civic and leisure facilities; over three million square-metres of office space; sea-view residential apartments and villas; luxury hotels; and tourist attractions such as the Guggenheim and the Louvre museums, the Zayed National Museum and the Manarat Al Saadiyat visitor centre.

Holidaymakers can also reach Yas Island from the new hotel in Abu Dhabi where they can visit Yas Marina, Yas Marina Circuit, and Ferrari World.

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Apple Hotel Bukit Bintang is the better lodging. Apple Hotel at Jalan Alor is a custom made hotel that provides spending budget individuals the very best hotel expertise at affordable prices found in Kuala Lumpur Bukit Bintang region. This particular Bukit Bintang motel is found nearby the major private as well as holiday areas of Jalan Bukit Bintang with easy access in order to the.

Apple Hotel Bukit Bintang bedrooms are designed to meet the needs of effectively journeyed worrying men and women by means of concentrating on particular points for example coziness and safety not having pricy frills. We offer all of our guests much less living area to get a superior value. Each of our very affordable fees will ensure frequent friends may have much more to away regarding dining in addition to shopping in Malaysia.

Apple Hotel KL Bukit Bintang rooms tend to be admittedly a little bit divan, however contrary to additional low-cost and backpacker places within Bukit Bintang area, do not compromise in comfort and ease. We offer comfy hotel rooms with regard to clients who take a trip on your own or perhaps with the friends and family. Almost all Apple Hotel Bukit Bintang suites feature en-suite facilities as well as personal restrooms together with hot shower. Our own suites are also designed with modern-day must-haves for example high speed wireless Internet entry. Apple Hotel Bukit Bintang is a non smoking hotel throughout Bukit Bintang vicinity.

Just what exactly makes people so unique? We could ready to perform just what none other accommodations are performing. Individual personal hygiene is very crucial to our company that people made a decision to offer (yes, give) each one travellers their own personal fresh soft towel and private pillowcase to use (and take home! )*. This is certainly on the list of ways we consider attention of our own guests.

Apple Hotel Bukit Bintang present little bonuses like a 100 % free luggage storage room so that you could take pleasure in many last minute purchasing as well as go back to get a relaxing bath before leaving. Visit our on the web reservation form today, in addition to visit for your own what e

xactly Apple Hotel Bukit Bintang is centered on.

Kuala Lumpur possesses it is beginnings inside 1850s, once the Malay Leader connected with Klang, Raja Abdullah, used a number of Oriental labourers to open brand-new and bigger tin fosse to get tin prospectors. The actual miners found in the raccord involving Sungai Gombak (previously referred to as Sungai Lumpur, signifying “muddy river”) as well as Sungai Klang (Klang River) to spread out puits from Ampang, Pudu and also Batu. These kind of puits developed into some sort of dealing post which usually evolved into the frontier village.

Often the tin prospectors satisfied with Ampang, along with produced gangs in their selves. The two most significant Oriental filous, the Hakka-dominated Hai San and the Hokkien-dominated Ghee Hin, regularly done discord to find control of tin generation inside area. The constant combat involving the 2 factions introduced tin mine production to a standstill, compelling the actual Uk, who all overpowered Selangor as among the Federated Malay Says at that time, to appoint any chinese Kapitan (headman) to administer Kuala Lumpur. Hiu Siew, web pages a mine with Lukut, had been selected since the primary Kapitan. As among the 1st professionals to arrive with Ampang (along together with Yap Ah Sze), he / she marketed procedures to the miners in trade with regard to tin.

During the first periods, Kuala Lumpur got several difficulties, including the Selangor Civil Battle; it absolutely was in addition laid low with diseases as well as regular fires and deluges. Round the 1870s, the 3rd Chinese language Kapitan connected with Kuala Lumpur, Yap Ah Loy, came forth since leader, and became accountable for often the success along with subsequent thorough regarding this specific city. He began to develop Kuala Lumpur from being a mere, imprecise pay out in to a booming exploration town.Inside 1880, the state area of Selangor had been transferred by Klang on the very much more deliberately very helpful Kuala Lumpur.

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This year the vacation industry is having a hard time of it as the recession bites deep into consumer spending but Europe’s ski industry seems to be holding its own in the world market. Although not all countries have weathered the poor economy and a few warm winters well, some are still just as popular as ever with the skiing crowd.

France has been the most popular European ski destination for as long as nearly anyone can remember. It features not only the perfect weather for skiing, but breathtaking scenery as well. Whether you are in the Alps, the Massif Central or the Jura, there are hundreds of miles of ski slopes to be found.

As it has for decades, France remained the number one ski destination in Europe last year. While surrounding countries lost a portion of their market share of the ski industry, France managed to make small gains.

Austria falls just after France in the roundup of popular European ski destinations. Austria is the preferred destination for celebrities and royalty, with its luxurious resorts and picturesque scenery.

But there is more to Austria’s ski industry than meets the eye. Not too long ago, it was feared that the entire industry was doomed. Rumors of global warming, coupled with unseasonably warm weather over one or two ski seasons, threatened to drive down the booming business of Austrian ski resorts.

Last year however, things once again began to look up for Austria. There was plenty of snow, and the tourists came in strong numbers. According to industry reports, Austria’s ski bookings were up 2.8 percent from the previous year. The country’s resorts held a 21.8 percent share of the ski vacation market in Europe.

Not that Austria ever broke a sweat over the previous year’s temperatures. The Austrian ski resort Klosters has been a favorite Spring destination for Prince Charles and his sons, Princes Harry and William, for many years. In fact, it was during a ski in Austria holiday at Klosters that the world was introduced to Lady Diana Spencer as Charles’ future wife.

This year, the royal family again took to the slopes for a little springtime recreation. They were joined for the first time by Kate Middleton, an accomplished skier who happens to be Prince William’s girlfriend.

In addition to the British royal family, Austria’s ski resorts hosted the King and Queen of Sweden among many other famous faces. Why Austria above other famous ski destinations?

It could have something to do with the history of the region. Hannes Scheider developed the modern ski technique in Austria at St. Anton’s Arlberg Ski School. His instruction allowed generations of skiers to turn and stop on their skis: two essential pieces of technique. St. Anton remains one of the top destinations for skiers, partly for its beautiful slopes and partly because it is, for all intents and purposes, the birthplace of skiing as we now know it.

Perhaps Austria’s popularity as a ski destination has more to do with the internationally known Austrian hospitality. When you book a stay in an Austrian hotel or ski resort, you know that you will be welcomed as a part of the family. The locals are more than happy to share their knowledge of the area as well as inside knowledge of the best slopes and restaurants.

Whatever their personal reasons are for continuing to ski in Austria, devotees wouldn’t think of taking a ski trip anywhere else. Austrian resorts may not share the same widespread popularity of some French resorts, but patrons wouldn’t have it any other way. When they arrive, they are not overwhelmed by wave after wave of skiers. At most resorts, the slopes are quiet and serene, with just the perfect amount of natural snow.

Austria boasts unparalleled natural beauty and a guest list including royalty and celebrities. But even if the royals stayed home, Austrian ski resorts would continue to bring in a healthy amount of business. This is what Austria is about, and the ski industry there can look forward to the 2010 ski holidays season with confidence.