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Should you find your path crossing Colombias Caribbean Coast and are looking for accommodation; then the Divanga Hostel is a worthy consideration for any backpacker or traveler.

Self described as “a corner of coolness, an oasis in the heart of Taganga”, we certainly do not disagree. This excellently maintained hostel sits in the heart of the beautiful Taganga mountain region right next to the stunning Parque Nacional Tayrona and found nearby are some of the most stunning and pristine beaches you can lay your eyes on.

Sit back and relax in the hostels unique and friendly atmosphere where you will likely meet plenty of fellow travelers who are enjoying the many facilities. Lounge by the swimming pool on the comfortable beach mattresses, or sip a cocktail at the rooftop bar while taking in the smooth, soothing music or playing pool.

The hostel also has a high quality restaurant and bar, called “Republika Taganguera”, living room with cable TV and DVD facilities, a swimming pool, fun games to play, pool table, organized videos collection and free Internet services with Skype which makes it easy to keep in touch with loved ones at home.

This French owner-run business is proud to offer a level of friendliness and tranquility that is often lacking in modern hospitality. Divangas French owner, Lucie manages it as a socially responsible company, taking care of its staff welfare. She recently open a second hostel in Taganga called “Casa Divanga”, specially backpackers accommodation, located at one block down from Divanga Hostel B&B offering the same level of quality but at cheaper rates and with six beds dormitories while Divanga B&B rooms at Taganga are available for up to four people and breakfast comes included. Dorms and private rooms in both places have private bathroom. Casa Divanga includes like the other Divanga games and video collection but other facilities like a full equipped guests kitchen completely renovated, beautiful shady yard with plenty of hammocks, ping pong table and a terrace open to the street offers a coffee shop called “K-fe Divanga” where breakfast is available as French crepes and original fast food.
Those two accommodation options allow travelers and backpackers to choose their home in Taganga regarding their budget.

The hostel is situated in the district of Santa Marta and it is a spot that has become increasingly popular with travelers, for many good reasons, one of which is the excellent scuba diving that is offered locally. In Casa Divanga travelers will get any tourism information and tips about activities, interesting places to visit like Tayrona Park, Lost City trek, Minca, la Guajiraand be offered maps and a delicious ecological and organical coffee from Minca “Coffee birdss friend”. This tourism information office promotes sustainable tourism, supporting local communities of Taganga, Minca and indigenous from the Sierra Nevada. By the way youll enjoy

Taganga is a tranquil fishing village that in recent years has been the subject of local authority improvements regarding the surrounding infrastructure. Thanks to this the beaches are now more easily accessible. Nevertheless, Taganga has managed to retain all of its charm and beauty and many travelers have find preference for Taganga over anywhere else in the Santa Marta area. In fact many visitors here find that they end up staying a lot longer than originally had planned. This maybe does not come as a surprise when you consider how much there is to see and do in the area.

There are over a dozen diving schools here alone, which usually take you to a spot off the small island Aguja which is part of the Tayrona national park – a popular area for scuba divers and adventurers alike. Not only is this area a haven for divers, but also for trekkers too. If you take a walk north of the town to Playa Grande or further to Bonito Gordo and Bahia Concha you will be rewarded for some postcard-perfect beaches, ideal to soak up the warm sunshine or cool off in the Caribbean sea.

Overall boths Divanga Hostel B&B or Casa Divanga in Taganga, Santa Marta offer a relaxing atmosphere with safe surroundings and plenty of facilities. If travelling nearby, make sure that you stop by to say hello but be prepared to stay longer than planned.